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What is LCR Check? Why it is Important?

The process of measurement of component value mounted by Pick & Place machis is called LCR check. In SMT LCR check is one of the basic process for program validation & loading check. LCR check is done to validate the new product program or verify the running model material loading (In Pick & Place m/c). […]

Reflow Profile- RTS & RSS

Types of Reflow Profile: Ramp to Spike graph (RTS): 1)It is a linear graph. Starting at start of segment and ending at peak temperature, the soak period is part of ramp. 2)RTS profile is easy to set, but it is difficult to control the quality by this setting.   Ramp – Soak – Spike graph […]

Why Need SMT Training Solutions?

Recently we observed the manpower shortage in SMT sector at Pune area. Several companies are now hiring but due to manpower shortage the salary demand by experienced manpower has been increased drastically. The persons with 7~8 years experience are demanding for double salary as compare to what they were getting 2 years back. This is […]

What is SMT Basics ?

SMT basics first priority is cleanliness, in Korea we called –  1st priority is clean, 2nd also clean, 3rd also clean. Basic is simple and easy, but proves highly significant. Some of you might have worked in the area of SMT for many years. Hence it is no wonder that you feel tempted to skip […]