Reflow Profile- RTS & RSS

Types of Reflow Profile:

Ramp to Spike graph (RTS):

1)It is a linear graph. Starting at start of segment and ending at peak temperature, the soak period is part of ramp.

2)RTS profile is easy to set, but it is difficult to control the quality by this setting.


Ramp – Soak – Spike graph (RSS):

1)In this type of graph the soaking period is easily noticeable and it will allow sufficient time to assemblies to reach equilibrium of temperature.

2)RSS type of graph is difficult to set, but through this graph we can control the quality of product.

Reflow Profile- RTS & RSS

Our customers achieved Quality below 300PPM (By PCB)

Our customers have achieved Quality level below 300PPM by PCB and below 10 PPM by Point.


Consulting Result Review – YB Techsolution

Why Need SMT Training Solutions?

Recently we observed the manpower shortage in SMT sector at Pune area. Several companies are now hiring but due to manpower shortage the salary demand by experienced manpower has been increased drastically. The persons with 7~8 years experience are demanding for double salary as compare to what they were getting 2 years back.

This is a dangerous situation for manufacturer.

Korea & China also faced same situation but they got SMT consulting and training from other country that’s the reason this situation not affected a lot on their salary as they quickly improved manpower skill. But at India situation is something different, here manufacturers are not ready to spend money for consulting and training because they worried after training trained manpower will leave the company. Other difference is at Korea, we don’t like to pickup a person who frequently change their jobs because we can’t guarantee when they’ll leave. But what I observed here, the person having more companies experience will get higher salary. I have seen within 1 year a person have changed 3 companies and doubled his salary. This is due to manpower shortage. If a company wants a skilled manpower they need to increase his salary but how can you verify his skill and know-how?

At present the skill is verified by the previous company’s Name and Salary. It means the person having big company experience & higher salary are preferred. There is no procedure to verify the skill of a person who is interviewing the candidate. If he doesn’t have enough knowledge then How he will select a skilled manpower?

Here the main problem is without improving the skill, only salary is getting increased. If skill also improved with salary then there is no issue because Productivity & Quality will also improved simultaneously.

2 years back I had explained, exactly same situation in my seminar. It is a beginning, when more SMT manufacturing plants will open, the manpower demand will be higher.

In this situation while India strives towards Make in India, increasing labour costs threaten to erode India’s advantage in producing goods and services at low cost. The foreign investors are shifting from China to India due to high salary demand at  China. If the situation will be same at India, for them it will be difficult to survive here too.

The only solution I can see for this situation is conducting Training Programs to upgrade the skill of SMT manpower and providing Process Consulting to make correct procedures at manufacturing plants.

What is SMT Basics ?

SMT basics first priority is cleanliness, in Korea we called –  1st priority is clean, 2nd also clean, 3rd also clean.

Basic is simple and easy, but proves highly significant. Some of you might have worked in the area of SMT for many years. Hence it is no wonder that you feel tempted to skip this basic part. Nevertheless, you cannot and should not go any further deeper level of surface mount technology and management skill unless you get the basics of SMT.

Why does SMT need cleanliness?

Why does dust draw our big concern?

Because dust creates a lot of problems.

Firstly, dust affects badly on production &  quality: leading to component lift-up, missing, tilt, and so on.

Secondly, it causes breakdown of machine: Sensor error, nozzle & filter blockage.

Thirdly and most importantly, it brings about a loose attitude of mind towards untidy  line environment. When litter is heaped on a roadside, people are tempted to throw more to them; however, when a place is spotlessly clean, people certainly carry a burden to throw rubbish.

Hence, in SMT 1st, 2nd & 3rd is required to be clean.


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